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Together we can make a difference in the life of an orphan child. New statistics show that there are 163 million orphaned children waiting for hope. Every 18 seconds a child becomes an orphan without a mother or father.

 500,000 social orphans wait in our foster care system.

 Every 15 seconds a child loses a parent due to AIDS.

 1.5 million children are living in public care in Eastern and Central Europe alone.

 120,000 children in U.S. foster care are waiting to be adopted.

 Conflict has orphaned or separated over 1 million children from their families in the 1990's alone.







Room for One More advocates for the orphan.  Room for One More is passionate about helping orphan children all over the world find loving homes and families through adoption grants (ADOPTION AID), encouraging foster parenting (FOSTER A CHILD), helping children in orphanages that may never be adopted with food, shelter, medical care and an education (ORPHAN CARE) and to raise awareness for the urgent need to adopt a child with special needs to keep them from a lifetime of institutionalized living (SPECIAL NEEDS).

"Room for One More" is a not-for-profit 501c3 independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of orphans around the world.  Through adoption awareness and financial support, "Room for One More" unites orphaned children with loving families and also supports the orphans left behind with food, shelter, and access to medical care and an education.    Please join us!   One more orphan could live with hope because you made Room for One More.


  How You can Help
 Adopt a child.
 Be a foster parent.
 Support a child in an orphanage.
 Adopt a child with special needs.
 Pray for the Orphans around the world.
 Tell everyone you know about the plight of the world's orphans and help them get involved.
 Purchase Room for One More t-shirts, coffee and products (all donations go for adoption grants and humanitarian aid).
 Give a donation to Room for One More to help support Orphans around the world and families that are currently adopting.