New statistics show that 163 million orphaned children languish in institutions and orphanages around the world; typically in countries which are under-developed and plagued by poverty, social restrictions, and war. Room for One More advocates for the orphan.  Room for One More is passionate about helping orphan children all over the world find loving homes and families through adoption grants (ADOPTION AID), encouraging foster parenting (FOSTER A CHILD), helping children in orphanages that may never be adopted with food, shelter, medical care and an education (ORPHAN CARE) and to raise awareness for the urgent need to adopt a child with special needs to keep them from a lifetime of institutionalized living (SPECIAL NEEDS).

Our foundation was founded to be the bridge to unite waiting children with families wanting to adopt but are burdened by the substantial cost associated with adoption both domestic and international. Although we assist with advocating for orphan children, Room for One More is not an adoption agency. We raise funds and work with adoption professionals to lower the cost of adoption. Proceeds of all donations are used for financial adoption grants or to benefit one of our many humanitarian efforts to assist children everywhere.

If every person would have Room for One More Child into their hearts into their homes and into their lives then all children could have the opportunity to live!